2021 Charles County Disparity Study

Charles County has engaged Griffin & Strong, P.C (GSPC) to conduct a Disparity Study (“Study”) to evaluate the existence of discrimination in County contracting. The Study will also have an independent assessment of current and proposed minority and women owned business enterprise programs, policies, and procedures. Over the course of this Study, there will be several ways the local business community can be involved.

Beginning with our Informational meeting, the Disparity Study anecdotal process will involve the completion of anecdotal interviews, public hearings and focus groups.  You may also email any comments or questions to CharlesCountyStudy@GSPCLaw.com.


Virtual Public Informational Meeting

Griffin & Strong, P.C. will kick off the study by hosting a Virtual Public Information Meeting on September 17, 2020. This online session will provide the community with the opportunity to ask questions, to learn about the study’s process, and to discuss how they can participate.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Register Here

Public Hearings

Public hearings are an opportunity for businesses and other community members to share their comments and insights about doing business with Charles County, or in the local marketplace as a whole.  All comments will be recorded by a court reporter and made a part of the public record and included in the Study analysis.  The public hearings will be held in early 2021.

DATE                                      TIME VENUE    

Focus Groups

GSPC invites a small group of diverse firms to provide their view of doing business with the Charles County, attempting to business with the Charles County, or explaining why they have not attempted to do business with the Charles County, in a discussion setting.  Firms are chosen at random from each ethnicity and gender group of the Study.

DATE                                     TIME                             VENUE


Organizational Interviews



GSPC also desires the feedback of organizations that speak for the local business community. Local business, civic, and trade organizations may be contacted to participate. If you desire to meet with GSPC to discuss your organization’s perspective or relevant experience contracting with Charles County, contact us at CharlesCountyStudy@GSPCLaw.com.


Anecdotal Interviews



The Disparity Study will also provide opportunities for feedback from business owners about their experiences, both positive and negative, in doing business with Charles County and navigating business development in the region. This testimony can play a critical role in improving current programs.  

Firms may be contacted by GSPC local partner, McMillon Communications for interviews. If contacted, we encourage your honest and transparent feedback.


Survey of Business Owners



GSPC will be conducting a Survey of Business Owners to understand the experiences of firms in the Charles County’s marketplace in doing business both with and in the Charles County.  All firms in the marketplace are invited to take the survey which will be available in Fall 2021.  If you do not receive a survey directly, it will be posted on the website and you will be able to access it here.


Email Comments



For those who are not contacted to participate in an interview or focus group, are unavailable, or are generally uncomfortable providing public testimony,  you may email us anytime with anecdotal comments or questions at CharlesCountyStudy@GSPCLaw.com.


Social Media

For information about scheduled events and Study updates, feel free to follow Griffin & Strong, P.C. on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. If you wish to provide a comment regarding your experiences in doing business in Charles County, you may reach out to us on social media as well.

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